Picking the right sewing machine for you or someone special can be exciting and challanging. There are many great machines to choose from. When picking the right machine for you, please keep in mind that you are buying the store as well as the machine; just like when you buy a new car, the dealership are the people you look to for support and service. So remember the 5 Essentials To Choosing a Sewing Machine.

Does the machine work well with the fabrics and thicknesses you like to sew. Is it up to the job.
Does the machine offer room for growth, extra features and functions that you can grow into...a sewing machine lasts decades, will you still love it in 5 years or will it no longer meet your needs.*
Does it include the accessories you need, if not are they available for future purchase.
Do you like the sales staff and are they knowledgeable? Keep in mind that they are the people teaching you how to use your new machine. Do they offer private or group classes, and when.
Does the shop offer on-site repairs in support of the manufacturers warranty or .... do they send machines out for repair, will you be responsible for sending it to to the manufacturer yourself?

Top Sewing Features

5 Essentials to Choosing a Machine

Extended neck is the distance from the needle to the inside edge of the machine. Todays longer necks make sewing large and bulky projects easier AND the extra space makes it physically more comfortable to sew for longer sessions at a time.
Needle Position up/down is important for two key reasons. When the needle stops in the raised position it reduces the risk of damaging your needle and machine when removing a project from under the needle. This feature also makes pivoting and positioning easier and more accurate for everything from applique to garment construction. This is one of the most important features for young sewers not previously accustomed to manual sewing machines.
Punching Power is easiest measured by how many layers of denim a machine can sew through. The stronger the machine, the easier simple projects like hemming jeans or curtains, constructing a pockebook or making a doll can be.
Ease of Use, though fear of the unknown can keep some estabished sewers from thinking about electroinc sewing machines, they are typically much easier to use. The electronic machines can tell you want foot to use, what type of needle, what thread tension, and even pre-set the stitch length and width via a single push button. For occassional sewers this means you don't need to pull out the manual every time you pull out the machine, and for frequent sewers you are up and running with the push of a single button, making switching between sewing tasks faster and more enjoyable.
Decorative Stitching Abilities range from beautiful decorative stitches, to simple stitched letters, all the way to stunning embroidered pieces. Are you looking to make your own quilt labels, monogram towels, add a finishing touch to an heirloom blouse...all these are possible, you simply need to pick the machine feature set right for you.
Next time you are in the market for a new sewing machine please consider Wayside Sewing. We are a full-line BERNINA, Husqvarna Viking, Singer, Necchi and Elna dealer. We would be happy to show you any of these great sewing, embroidery, overlock and coverstitch machines.