A wide range of quilting and garment cottons are available including beautiful hand-dyed fabrics, batiks, Asian prints, reproductions from the 1800's and early 1900's, novelty prints and much more. All cottons are of the highest quality and would be a great addition to any project.

Muslins in a range of weights, shades and widths are available along with 108"-120" wide cotton fabrics perfect for a table cloth or a quilt backing or another large project you have.

Cotton fabrics tend towards a nice fairly stiff hand that makes working with it in any size piece fairly easy. Once washed the stiffeners added by many manufactures will be removed and the fabric/project will have a much softer feel. The quality of the fabric is based on the thickness of the fibers and the density of the weave used in producing the fabric.

Cotton fabrics can be woven from pre-dyed fibers to create homespun fabrics and batiks. They can also be printed and overlayed with metallic. The printed fabrics make up a majority of the cotton fabrics available today. If there is a distinct lack of color on one side of the fabric, you know that you have a printed piece.

Pre-washing fabrics before using them is a personal preference. Todays dying technques and manufacturing processes tend to remove any harmful chemicals from the fabrics and most excess dye. Most brands no long suggest pre-washing. With the stiffeners still on the fabric you will get better cuts for better quilts and cloths. The only real exception is hand-dyed and very bright batiks; a small piece should be tested for colorfast-ness before construsting.


Silk Radiance, a cotton/silk blend perfect for quilting or garment work is machine washable and dryer safe. Silk Doupini with its beautiful textured finish and a great weight for sewing or embroidery is also available in an assortment of colors on the bolt or 54" roll.


We carry a range of canvas, corduroy, duck cloth, osnaburg, vinyl, oil cloth, denim and more to help you find the right type of fabric for your next project. Many specialty fabrics are on the roll and 54"-60" wide.


We carry Pellon stabilizers. These include fusible and non-fusible. Fleece, interfacing, stabilizers, grided interfacing, pattern ease, timtex, peltex (70,71 & 72), steam-a-seam, misty fuse, Heat 'n bond and more.

Embroidery stabilizers are also available from OESD, Florianni, Inspira, OESD, Madeira and Sulky in rolls from 8" to 20" long as well as in flat pre-cut packs for a variety of hoop sizes. Cut away, tear away, wash away, heat away, stabilizers and toppers are available along with dry cover-up and puffy foam in assorted colors.

Fabric Selections: